A Brush Brimming with Life


South Texas ranches are abundant in wildlife, and McAllen Ranch is no exception. Our proximity to the Mexican Border and the Rio Grande River give us an opportunity to host many migratory and exotic birds and animals.  Some species unique this region are found no where else in the world.  Many inhabitants of the ranch include animals such as white-tailed deer, coyotes, javelin, bobcats, turkeys, rattle snakes, cat eye snakes, bob white quail, and hundreds of different native and migratory birds.  


Wildlife comes first at the McAllen Ranch, and it is the barometer by which we gauge the overall health and ecology of our land. Many details of our livestock operation include strategies to help the wildlife coexist and flourish.  These include pasture rotation and providing abundant watering areas in remote regions of the property. 


A conservationist and cattleman, Argyle A. McAllen was responsible for protecting the abundant wildlife we enjoy today.  Often times he abstained from hunting if necessary, letting nature take its course to help the land and its inhabitants.  McAllen Ranch was the proud recipient of the 1996 BBU Environmental Award.  The ranch has also repeatedly won many different categories of the well known Valley Land Fund conservation photography contest.


All of the photos represented in this wildlife gallery were taken at McAllen Ranch.  Many of these fantastic images were taken by Dr. Steve Bentsen of Nolana Animal Hospital, McAllen, Texas.